Winter watercolor landscape painting

Welcome to the day 2 of 31 days of mini watercolor paintings challenge. For the day 2, I decided to join Zaneena Nabeel’s Skillshare class — Delicate Winter landscapes with watercolors. She is an amazing teacher. I would suggest you to join her class and I promise, you will enjoy it for sure.

I am using 4 x 3 inches of 300 GSM cold pressed watercolor papers for all 31 days of mini watercolor paintings. As I told you in my Color of the month — Indigo blog, Indigo is one of my favourite color. Red houses are popping up because of the rich and dark Indigo background. The trick of showing ice on white paper is to leave the paper white and it will do it’s magic. I didn’t use masking tape for this beautiful winter watercolor landscape painting because I wanted the rough edges to be shown and I think they are looking beautiful.

Winter watercolor landscape painting

I am going to paint my own watercolor landscapes and I will also join some Skillshare class for the next remaining days. I will let you know everything about the paintings and about the things I have learned. This is going to be amazing!

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you are interested in watercolor painting, I am teaching how to paint with watercolors and I call it an art date. You can book an art date where we will paint some beautiful watercolor bookmark or greeting card in one to one video call session.

I am selling original watercolor paintings and handpainted greeting cards in my shop. I am also coming up with some new things to launch soon. If you don’t want to miss out, please join my best friends’ list by filling up the subscription form below.

Thanks again!






I am a programmer and an artist living my best life

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Heli Naik

Heli Naik

I am a programmer and an artist living my best life

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