Watercolor tutorial — How to paint simple leaves step by step

paint simple leaves step by step

If you are a watercolor beginner and like to paint leaves, you must have tried all the tips and tricks to paint leaves. But didn’t get there yet. Me, too! Until I found this very easy watercolor tutorial by Jenna Rainey on her YouTube channel. Please check her out she is freaking amazing.

I practiced, and I made a tutorial by reducing more steps from her video to make it more easy for you. So, in this watercolor tutorial, we will paint two types of leaves step by step.

I will teach you to paint stems, simple leaf and folded leaf. Then combining all the elements we will paint the whole thing. I hope you will enjoy painting watercolor leaves and learn something new.

If you find any difficulties trying it, you can reach me on my Instagram account — helinaik_art or you can tag me if you complete this tutorial.

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