My next two paintings and What changed my mind

As I told you in the previous blog that something changed my mind, let me tell you why. The first painting took hours to complete. So, I realized that completing 100 paintings in 30 days is way more difficult for me. So I decided to do 30 paintings and rename my project as Make / 30 instead of Make / 100.

My second painting is — yellow wildflowers.

I took some references on the internet. And I started painting. As always I started with a pencil.

Then I made some color swatches to see the color contrast and also made a mini rough painting to see how all the colors will look on the paper. This is a very good practice to do before starting any painting even if you are sure about colors. I was happy with the colors.

When I started to paint flowers, I was so shocked! The color on paper was totally different than what I did on the color swatch. I realized that I made a mistake. I didn’t erase pencil lines properly so the pencil mixed with my color and made it look totally different yellow color.

not happy with the left-most flower

I was not happy. I wanted to leave this painting and wanted to redo it.

But, I thought about it and decided to give it a try and see if I could improve it a little. And the most important thing is I wanted to share with you that not every first attempt is going to be amazing and perfect.

Then I painted leaves with little white lines in it. it was looking good a little. Then I went with the background color. I chose the shade of very light green and yellow color. It was looking better.

yellow wildflowers

I wasn’t so happy with the painting but I was feeling good that even though it was a mess, I completed it and made it look better.

After the second painting, I was so excited but a little nervous about the third one. I was very picky about the next one because I didn’t want to mess again.

I chose to paint a Lotus. I took a reference from Pinterest.

I was very conscious of this painting because I really wanted to make it look good. So for that, I made a little rough painting to see the color matches.

making color swatches

It was looking good. So I finalized the colors and after that, I made a pencil sketch and Then I started to color the flower and leaf.

started painting :)

I was happy with how the colors are looking. The next thing was to do detailing. I wanted to do lines for the flowers. So I added the same pink color and with that dark pink color, I started drawing lines in the direction of each petal of the flower.

Then I did detailing in the leaf and did the background color. After doing the background color, the painting lifted up so well and it gave a nice touch to it.

lotuses are beautiful flowers

After 3 hours, I finished this painting, and let me tell you, I was really really amazed by the result. I just love how the painting is looking and this one is my favorite in all three paintings.

I was a bit scared after the second painting, but this third painting boosted my confidence and I was feeling great.

Now I am looking for the fourth flower to paint.

Thank you so much for reading!




I am a programmer and an artist living my best life

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Heli Naik

Heli Naik

I am a programmer and an artist living my best life

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