Make / 30 challenge inspired by Kickstarter’s Make / 100 project

November 29th — 2019

So, on 28th November 2019, I saw Make/ 100 project on Kickstarter. I was very inspired by it and wanted to participate but India was not an available country to select in the participant form — saying directly it is not available in India.

I was very excited about it because somewhere I knew that it will be going to push me to paint more and most importantly it will make me paint every day. So I requested them to start this project in India as well in their country request form. But still, I was strongly feeling to do it by myself. So, I challenged my self to do it.

I also thought about writing a daily blog describing how I painted every painting and will share it with Kickstarter and to the world or something!!!

The first step was to decide what to paint.

And I knew I wanted to paint flowers. Because that’s what I love to do.

The second thing was — I had to decide the timeline. Although I have studied management, I am very poor at deciding the timeline of the project. I can’t blame my self, it was hard studying while doing the job as a web developer. (Well, you know!!)

for the timeline, I decided it to be 30 days, as Kickstarter’s Make / 100 project also has the same timeline. Doing this thing will going to be so hard for me because I hardly paint 4 to 5 times a month. Anyway, according to the timeline, I calculated that on average I have to paint 4 paintings each day (Including Sundays!!).

Well, artists don’t worry about Sundays, right?

So, the next step was — where to find 100 flowers? And the answer is very simple — the Internet.

The next morning, I started painting my first flower. I used 9 x 9, 300 gsm, cold-pressed 100% cotton watercolor paper and Royal Langnickel’s gouache colors.

I started with my favorite flowers — Daisy.

It was a bit easy for me because in the past I’ve already painted this flower.

Next, I used a pencil to see how and where to place flowers and I went with painting the flowers first.

But before jumping with brushes to my paper, I made color swatches, because as you know gouache dries out differently than you see them on your pallet.

After painting the flowers, I painted the leaves. For painting leaves, I used the wet — thick method. So that both colors can blend easily. For that first, I went with the watery Deep Green and tick layer of Green Med. It made a beautiful effect on the leaves.

The next step was detailing flowers and leaves. I used two different shades of Green to details leaves and used Titanium White color to detail my flowers.

how beautiful they are looking with the details

Then it was time to do the background. For choosing the color, I was very confused. I knew I wanted to do a Blue background but was not sure of what shade.

My husband came to help and we decided on the color. After finishing the background color I corrected some leaves and flowers.

And this is how the finished painting looked like.

The finished work!

I am very happy with what I did. I could see that my skills have been improved and it gave me the motivation to complete this challenge. I was very very happy until I realize how much time I spent on only one painting. I started at 10:00 AM and it has been 2:00 PM already!

Now, you must be thinking why a 9 x 9 painting took this much time? — well, first of all, I am not a highly skilled artist and the second thing is I have to some house chores daily.

And that made me change my mind. I will tell you more about this with my second painting which is — Yellow wildflowers.

Thank you so much for reading!

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I am a programmer and an artist living my best life

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Heli Naik

Heli Naik

I am a programmer and an artist living my best life

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